Has your teen ever wanted to go on a misssions trip but cost, travel issues or scheduling conflicts made it impossible?  Do you desire to give your junior high or high-school aged child an unforgettable summer experience that will both challenge and strengthen  their growth in Christ and cultivate friendships, habits, and experiences of eternal value?  Look no further than CEF's Christian Youth in Action (CYIA) program!

At CYIA, young people ages 12 and up are trained to serve in their local CEF chapter in   5-Day Clubs and other gospel outreaches to children over the summer. 


Teens, ages 14 and up, are trained as Summer Missionaries (SMs), who learn firsthand the nuts and bolts of the true missons experience, including intensive training, gaining real-life experience with teaching and counseling children, and participating in basic support raising.   Teens may opt to volunteer their time or apply to use their time as a compensated, temporary part-time job.


Pre-teens (ages 12-13), are trained as Missionary Assistants (MAs), who help share club responsibilities such as teaching memory verses, leading songs, and aiding the Summer Missionaries in other club details.  Missionary assistants are considered volunteers.

In 2022, training will consist of two full days of Pre-training classes where CYIA students will learn how to present the Gospel using the Wordless Book.  Pre-training will be held on May 31st and June 1st from 9am to 4pm at the CEF office in Valparaiso.


This will be followed by a full week of CYIA training together with Summer Missionary and Missionary Assistant candidates from across the entire State of Indiana on the campus of Indiana Wesleyan University in Marion, Indiana.  This week of CYIA training is June 6-11th.  Upon return, a week of morning post-training classes followed by a practice 5-Day Club will take place, where the training just completed will be taught to children invited through the local CEF office.


As with other missions opportunities, there is a cost for training and materials.   Each CYIA student will be asked to raise missionary support to cover these costs and other incidentals that will arise over the summer.  The support raised by each student will go towards reaching a group goal for the chapter, but each individual will be asked to work toward a goal of raising $500.00 in support.  (Scholarships are also available.)