CYIA is a short-term, summer ministry to train and develop Christian youth and young adults (ages 12 and up)  to be equipped to reach children for Christ in summer Bible clubs.  Throughout the summer you will have many opportunities to present the Gospel to boys and girls, experiencing the joy of leading others to the Lord.

As a result of summer missionaries teaching God's Word:

   • Boys and Girls are reached with the Gospel of Christ.
   • Children's lives are changed.
   • Your skills will sharpen in the areas of communication, teamwork, endurance, responsibility, and self-confidence.
   • Your faith and vision will grow deeper.
   • You will build new friendships that can last a lifetime.
   • You will build experience for service in your own local church, school or vocation.


Your training will be focused on preparing you to teach 5-Day Clubs ®. These are neighborhood Bible clubs for children held in backyards, community centers, parks, or apartment complexes. They are 90 minutes a day for five consecutive days during the summer.

Our summer missionaries (YOU) teach exciting Bible lessons and true-to-life missionary stories. These clubs also include fun games, singing, sharing, memorizing verses, and more fun ways to share the Gospel.

​You will receive individual and group instruction from enthusiastic and godly CEF leaders. These instructors will equip you to teach and counsel boys and girls to receive Christ.

The CYIA training is held at a facility that is well suited for individualized instruction and group learning. There are great opportunities for sports and recreation are part of the 7-day training event.

By completing the training program, you will be certified to teach children, witness to those you babysit, and minister effectively to your neighbors, friends, and relatives.

CYIA Missionary Assistant

​Missionary Assistants are ages 12 and up.

​During your training, you will be equipped to teach memory verses, songs, and other skills necessary to assist a summer missionary with the club time.

By the end of your 3-phase training, you will have participated in a real 5-Day Club setting under instructor supervision.

CYIA Summer Missionary

Summer missionaries are ages 14 and up.

During your training, you will be equipped to teach the entire club including counseling boys and girls to receive Christ.

By the end of the 3-phase training, you will have taught all of the aspects of a club to children in a real 5-Day Club setting under instructor supervision.

CYIA Summer Ministry Internship

Summer ministry interns are ages 18 and up.

Contact Chris Corwin for more information on summer ministry internships at (219)-465-0201 or

Raising Support

‣ All Missionary Assistants are considered volunteers.
‣ All Summer Missionaries may volunteer their time or receive payment for each club they teach.
‣ All minors that are paid must have a work permit.
‣ The training costs, materials, and payroll are provided through the missionary support that we help you to raise.

Most of your friends, people at your church, and relatives will be glad to help support your participation in this mission project.

We will help you construct and send a support letter, a mid-summer update, and thank you letters.

Contact us for more information or to set up a meeting