Serve in Christian Youth in Action


Share the Gospel | Close to Home | Make New Friends | Serve Side-By-Side with Peers

You will learn to lead Bible clubs for children in Northwest Indiana



What is CYIA?


A training program where you will have the opportunity to...

                                                        - develop leadership skills

                                                        - gain teaching skills

                                                        - learn how to share the Gospel

                                                        - develop a closer walk with Jesus


You will teach at least 2 clubs after training and

will gain skills you can use in ministry in your church.


God Can Use YOU to Make a Difference in the Life of a Child!

CYIA Missionary Assistant


Missionary Assistants (now called Track 4) are ages 12 and up.


During your training you will be equipped to teach memory verses, songs, and other skills necessary to assist a summer missionary with the club time.


By the end of your 3-phase training your will have participated in a real 5-Day Club setting under instructor supervision.


CYIA Summer Missionary


Summer Missionaries (Track 2) are ages 14 and up.


During your training you will be equipped to teach the entire club including counseling boys and girls to receive Christ.


By the end of the 3-phase training you will have taught all of the aspects of a club to children in a real 5-Day Club setting under instructor supervision.  

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