quick start

good News club training 

Whether you are a new Good News Club volunteer or need a refresher, CEF will help equip you through a series of quick training sessions desiged with you in mind!

The Good News Club Quick Start Training is currently available on the cefcmi.com website.  While this training is available to you at no cost, you must set up a cefcmi student account, and obtain a course enrollment key from our local office.


All course notes are available for download on the cefcmi website, and you will be given access to each course via video.  


To complete this training for the purposes of assisting in a Good News Club you will need to provide certification that you have completed certain required courses.  Detailed instructions and the list of required courses are available 

TCE - 1

CEF's course specifically  designed to train children's ministry workers to offer a fresh approach to evangelizing and teaching children.