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1st Annual Chili Cook-Off!

outside chili cookoff sign-closeup

Thank you for coming to our 1st Annual Chili Cook-Off!

Oct 4th at Bethel Church, Crown Point


Our speaker was Kenny Krestan, the Discipleship and Missions Pastor at Village Church, Dyer, 


 kenkrestanwho originates from the Chicagoland area and was raised in a Christian home. During his childhood years, he regularly attended a Good News Club within his neighborhood, this was an impactful part of his Christian life. Later he and his wife, Diane, served as missionaries in Bolivia, SA for almost 20 years. Ken was a church planter and pilot and traveled all over the country carrying the gospel into some of the most remote areas. Ken and Diane's ministry included organizing 5-Day Clubs and other ministries to bring the gospel to the youth and children that make up over 50% of the country. Diane was trained to use CEF's material and incorporated them into their outreach. They currently serve at Village Church of Dyer, IN. Ken is the Mission and Discipleship Pastor.

Ken shared how growing up in Good News Club shaped his life so that he learned to seek God's direction first.  This influenced and led to his service on the mission field, while giving him the opportunity to use the skills he had learned as a pilot.  Ken concluded with a wonderful illustration using a paper airplane.  We were each provided with a piece of paper with the fold lines which he walked us through to make the plane.  But then he had us all tear the wings from the plane.  The wings we tore off, when unfolded, left us with a paper in the shape of a cross!  Without Christ in our life, we can do nothing!  

chili serving line

The other part of the night was tasting the different chili recipies of our 10 cooks, and rating them to come up with the winner!  As a fund-raising event, you could say CEF was a winner, as we did cover our expenses and ended up with a modest profit.  For our first attempt at this, we were quite happy, as everyone also had a good time!  Hope you will be able to join us next year!

10 chili cooks