Recent Events for the Past Year

Child Spiritual Development


Good News for Children's Spiritual Development Seminar, held January 2015

This cutting-edge seminar was offered to parents and children's workers to help prepare you to help children in their spiritual development.


  - Faith Fellowship Church, Valparaiso hosted us on January 17th, and  Suburban Bible Church, Highland on January 24th

  - 35 individuals attended; the questions and answers that came up during the seminar were interesting and thought-provoking, and showed as well that many of those attending had great spiritual insight into the working of God in children's lives.

  - many helpful ideas and practical tools were provided to give continued guidance and variety for future teaching.


The Four topics addressed in this four-hour seminar were:

  - The Roman's Road for Children - providing an easy-to-remember way to present the Gospel to children

  - Developing Biblically Focused Kids in an Umbiblical World

  - God's Good Answers to Kids' Tough Questions

  - Kaboom!  Explosively Fun Good News Club and Classroom Ideas

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