Praises and Prayer requests Jan. 2018

1. Eight regular Good News Clubs are now meeting in local schools, with the 9th to start in February.  Pray for the volunteers helping and leading in these clubs.  Pray for more children to attend, and that they learn to trust in Jesus.  Pray that those who do know Him, will grow strong in their faith.


2. We can still use more volunteers to help in these Good News Clubs.  Andrew Scheltens is teaching in Longellow and Hosford Park Elementary schools in Lake County, as well as in the Club that meets after school in Griffith Baptist Church.  He also helps periodically at Homan Elementary School.  I am now teaching in Myers and Jones Elementary Schools in Portage.  We would love to help train new workers to share the blessings of seeing children come to know and to love the Lord!


3. Washington Township Elementary in Valparaiso held a wonderfully attended Christmas Party in December and plans to hold a similar Easter Party for the students this year instead of a regular Good News Club.  Pray that schedules for the workers there so they can restart the Good News Club next school year.  Pray also for the many students who came to the Christmas Party this year who had never come to the Good News Club before.  Pray that the Gospel seeds planted there will take root and grow.

4. Pray for our banquet this year, which has been our major fund-raising effort.  We are out contacting sponsors this year so that we can offer our tickets to the banquet for no charge. 

5. Pray for our plans to have a second event - a golf outing - later in the year.  This is brand new to us and we have a big learning curve to overcome!

6. Pray also for God to raise up new candidates to consider for our local governing board to give us better representation across our 5-County ministry area.

7. Finally, so that we can reach more children with the Gospel, God has put on our hearts to pray for more staff, so that we can have a ministry coordinator to work in each of our 5 Counties to follow through with contacts, to meet and speak with pastors and churches about adopting their local public school as an outreach for the work of reaching these children and having an ongoing discipleship work with them.