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    2019 dessert fund raiser

    Gloria Burnham to speak at CEF event!

    Thursday night, May 2nd

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    CYIA online applications available now!

    CYIA applications are now online!

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Desserts & Ministry Update

May 2nd, 2019 (Thursday Evening) Desserts & CEF Ministry Update!

Featuring Gracia Burnham 


gracia burnham photo

On Thursday night, May 2nd, 2019, CEF will host a dessert reception at 7:00pm where Gracia Burnham will be our guest speaker at Liberty Bible Church.  Set this date on your calendar to join us for dessert and to hear Gracia’s riveting testimony to inspire your own walk with the Lord.


Gracia Burnham served alongside her husband Martin, with New Tribes Mission in the Philippines for 17 years until May of 2001.  On that date,...(click on the above article title to read more) 


...when the Burnhams were celebrating their 18th wedding anniversary, they were kidnapped by the militant Abu Sayyaf Group. 

CEF Press has published the missionary story of Martin and Gracia Burnham for use in the Good News Club ministry to tell how they used their gifts and passions to serve God and how, through even the hardest of times, they learned to depend on God for everything.  

This evening is also the main annual funding event for CEF in Northwest Indiana.  We depend on God to provide for the work of His ministry through those who are in agreement with the Word of God and His command to go into the world to make disciples.  Will you join us in this work?